Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's so incredibly frustrating when your child won't listen to you. Really, I'm torn. I want to raise a boy who knows what he wants, doesn't give into pressure and has a sense of self. But on the other hand...I wish he would just do what I say! LOL...guess I can't have it both ways.

This may seem trivial, but Zander REFUSES to wear shorts. Only jeans....with pockets. (I mean really, you're four! Do you have keys or a wallet you need to put in your pockets?!) It has been nearly 100 degrees here already this summer, but he's stubborn. A little ridiculous...we even went to a pool party this weekend and he cried because he wanted to wear jeans. The only thing I can think of where this came from is "The Sandlot." You know, the movie. My boys have the DVD and watched it nearly everyday for a solid week. Benny tells Smalls to wear jeans and a t-shirt....

I'm not forcing him and let him wear whatever he wants. When you see me at the city pool don't judge me if my 4 year old is wearing jeans...whatever...again, I pick my battles. But geez.

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