Friday, June 12, 2009

Pretend Play

The girls are growing up so quickly. They recently started to pretend. It's so cute. They got a cute little tea set for their first birthday. They love to "pour" the tea into a cup (it makes a sound when you pour). Then they "drink" it. So precious...I don't remember my boys pretending this early. It must be a girl thing?

They also pretend to talk on the phone. Camille will hold her little phone up to the back of her head and pace back and forth....yeah, I'm a

Here's a short little video of them pretending to drink....enjoy!


Martha said...

Micah pretends everything is a phone.. he must be trying to call Camille..

Anonymous said...

i love the cute!

olive and calder like to pretend their shoes are phones...ha.

Tasha said...

Your red-headed babies kill me. To death. GORGEOUS.