Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Backyard Camping

We've been promising the boys FOREVER that we would take them camping. The problem is the twins. We could find a babysitter for the weekend, but Momma's not ready to part yet. Dad says, "Bring them. It will be fun" Yeah right. My babies are schedule babies and do not do well with change. I can't imagine trying to put them down for the night in a tent at 7:00 while it's still light outside....or worse letting them stay up late.

We decided to camp in the backyard. Fun for the boys, and the babies are kept on their routine, fast asleep just a baby monitor away.

The boys had a BLAST (and so did we)! It was nice having a special night just with the boys...I know it will be a happy memory for them.

Helping Dad set up the tent.

Yeah! It's up!

The boys' favorite part, by far, was s'mores. We built a little fire, roasted the marshmallows and quoted The Sandlot. It was their FIRST s'mores and they loved it! After 2 they both were on a sugar high running around the backyard like maniacs. Ely and I were cracking up.

Zander "stuffing" as he called it...nice pinky...

Gavin got SO MESSY!

Enjoying the fire.

Now that's my idea of camping...All the outdoor fun, but Momma still gets to go inside and sleep in her nice comfy bed while the guys get the ground, bugs and heat.


Darla said...

What a great experience for your boys! That is my kind of camping too!

Kris10 said...

omg, i LOVE that photo of the boys in the tent...that is sooo priceless.
they are going to want to 'camp' out every single night:)

i might have two cuties but you have FOUR!!!