Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Zander,

I can't believe you are already six years old!  You will always be my baby boy....but you have such an old soul.  You have a big responsibility being the oldest of four children....and you take that job very seriously.  You are such a good big brother to your baby sisters.  You love to "read" to them and everyday sit with them in the bathroom determined to potty train them.

You are a very sensitive boy and do what is expected of you.  Because of this, you pretty much get whatever you want.  All you have to do is say, "Please Mom?" and look at me with your big brown eyes and I melt and do whatever you ask. 

You are 6 going on 16.  Style is very important to you.  You like skinny jeans and converse and want to dress like a teenager.  You keep begging me so you can take break dancing lessons.  You refuse to wear baggy jeans or cargo pants.  You think "fat shoes" and long shorts makes you look like Sponge Bob. 

A few weeks go you killed a spider outside and came in to brag about it.  I informed you that the killing was unnecessary and explained that spiders helped control the insect population and next time to let the spiders living outdoors live.  An hour later, we were driving down the road and you began to sob uncontrollably.  I asked you what as wrong and you defended your spider killing. 

"I love all animals Mom!  I am a protector of all animals.  That spider I killed was going to kill other bugs!  Defenseless bugs like beetles!  I love beetles!  I protect bugs!!" 

Zander, you were an emotional mess.  And I love you for it.  That's just an example of what a thoughtful, sensitive boy you are. 

You love to fight and wrestle with your brother.  You are kind of mean to him and like to torture him and tattle and get him in trouble.  He makes you so mad when he mimics what you say and follows you around.  He admires you so much....but he just gets on your nerves.  You're lucky that I can totally relate, because I'm also the oldest child.

My first love.  My first born.  I never knew what love was until I saw you come out of me....yes, the doctor put a giant mirror "down there" and I saw you with my very own eyes come out of me!  It was frightening and amazing all rolled into one.  While you were still inside me (TMI?!) I grabbed you under your arms and "delivered" you myself and brought you to my chest.  It was the most magical experience I've ever had.  All the pain from the 14 hour natural labor vanished.  You made everything worth it. 

I love you with all my heart and can't wait to see what adventures we have in the next year.  You are every mother's dream. 

Happy Birthday Zander!

Love, Mom....because Momma is for babies...


Rachel said...

love it!

Darla said...

That was wonderful! What a great boy!
Your birth story sounds perfect! I hope I can say something similar some day!