Thursday, July 29, 2010


We've got style!
Yes, we do!
We've got style,
How 'bout you?

When you see us around town, no judging.  My 2 older children dress themselves.

Oh, Zander.  That is an Incredible Hulk muscle costume under his clothes.  He wants people to think he's buff.  He's outside skateboarding right now in this get up.  I told him it's hot, but he's determined to prove me wrong.  This is coming from the kid who refused to wear shorts last summer....even to the splash pads. 


Elisabeth said...

i love reading your blog posts because it makes me feel like I'm not so alone with my "unique" child! LOL! Last year Hudson refused shorts too....and this year: everything is a costume. When I tell him it's too hot for his current get-up, he says "I like to be hot."


suburban hippie mama said...

that's hilarious elisabeth! i seriously don't know a GIRL who is more obsessed about dressing and dress up clothes as my boys! lol

last year after halloween i went to walmart and bought TONS of costumes at 75% money i've spent to date! lol

Rachel said...

i agree too... a friend gave me 2 big boxes a couple of months ago, of hand-me-downs... one box full of toys & one full of costumes... my boys play more with the costumes than they do with the toys!! hilarious!

David_77 said...

Don't disrespect the Hendrix shirt! At least your son has enough taste to go with an American classic. Plus, he's seen me wear one, so he KNOWS it's ultra-cool.

-- David