Monday, July 26, 2010

frightening revelation

I was at the mall today and met a man on the elevator with 5 kids....two of which looked like identical twins. 

"You have twins I see."  I said to make conversation, making sure I didn't ask the most annoying and obvious you have twins

"Triplets actually."  He then introduced me to his family which consisted of a 6 year old boy, triplet 4 year olds (a girl and identical boys) and a 3 year old girl.  Did I mention he was alone?  No mom in sight.  This guy needs an award of some sort, and possibly teach classes at the local community college for other fathers.  I gave my respects and admiration and was on my way. 

I kept running in to them throughout our day.  I was in total awe of how well behaved his children were.  They followed behind him and kept together.....that's when it hit me.  He had no stroller. 

This is a frightening thought for me.  The stroller is my sense of control in public places.  My twin two year old's are safely buckled in and I have a handle for each older boy to hang onto.  The very idea of not using one scares the heck out of me! 

I didn't even realize that I am on my way OUT of the stroller phase.  I'm gonna have to get one of those ropes with handles that the former Jon & Kate +8 use....even though I know Zander will boycott that idea because he's way to cool. 

I'm also contemplating the possible scares of having two 5 year old's in strollers.  Do you think it will have the same social akwardness as breastfeeding a 5 year old? 


The Napkin Dad said...

haha...I think breast feeding 5 year olds would be a bit higher on the awkward scale than strollers. You can always tell people the kids are in strollers because of they are saving their legs for the marathon training sessions or their soccer workouts.

Mariel said...

I love that picture of you with the kids! Very cute.

Oh yeah, did you still want to do that guest post you were talking about? I'm pretty sure we sent you the invite. Just email me and let me know. Thanks :)