Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Going Green

I watched a documentary not to long ago (sorry, don't remember the name of it).  Some very educated man concluded that multitasking was a delusion, in reality one simply does one thing, switches to another task, then switches back.  HA!  Obviously he isn't a Mother of 4 young children like me.  I have cooked dinner, helped with homework, and breast fed a baby all at the SAME TIME! 

Multitasking is ONE reason I love cleaning green.  My twin girls are now two.  They love their bath time every evening....usually spending 30 minutes in the tub.  I still have to watch them the entire time, but I don't have to be at arms length anymore.  When you make your own non-toxic cleaners you can safely clean the rest of the bathroom without worrying your babies are breathing in harsh chemicals.  See?  Multitasking. 

Here's a few other perks of making your own homemade non-toxic cleaners: 
  • You save money.
  • Down size your cleaning supplies....seriously, go through your house and count ALL your cleaners....I had 32 in my house.  32 different cleaners...that's a LOT of space I could be saving. 
  • It's good for the environment and your families health.
  • Safety.  If your child gets into your homemade cleaners it's not that big a deal.  There are over 5 million reported poisoning every year, the #1 cause of child poisoning is household cleaners. 
We all love our children and want what's best for them.  We all baby proof our home with those annoying cabinet and drawer guards.  The problem is both my boys mastered these by age 3.  Not to mention they could push a chair up and climb anything.  I have the cutest video of Zander in the kitchen when he was about 2.  He got into the cabinets, somehow opened the vegetable oil (it was a push down, twist off top!) and poured it all over the kitchen floor.  He was so proud of his mess and had a blast slipping around in it.  But what if that was Drano?!  Drano is the most dangerous thing to have in your home.  Don't take my word for it.  Check with the all knowing google...he'll tell ya.  I'm guilty of buying the liquid poison religiously.  With my long hair you know I've got some clogged drains.  My husband wonders how I have any hair on my head at all because I shed so much! 

I will stop now.  As you can see I have become a little obsessed with learning about this kind of stuff and I feel like I need an outlet.  Hey, maybe I'll do a spin off from this blog.  Hmmm....what should I call it?  Going Green w/ Suburban Hippie Momma?  Or how about "Learning Green" because I definitely don't claim to know it all and am learning everyday.  I sure as heck haven't led a green lifestyle.  I'm embarrassed to say I just started recycling religiously this year.  Yeah.  Shame on me. 
So it's settled.  I'm starting a new blog.  Don't worry faithful followers.  Surviving 4 Kids isn't going anywhere.  I just know that some people are settled in there ways and don't care about this stuff.  I'm not a pushy person, just passionate.  PLUS this is my children's blog.  It's my mommy outlet.  Don't want to weigh it down with startling statistics and non-toxic cleaner recipes. 

I also plan on tackling other issues of concern.  One step at a time.  Like the food I eat and feed my family.  Yikes.  I love me some Taco Bueno.  Not sure if I really want to learn where that food comes from or how it's processed!

I think it will be fun and educational, plus, knowledge is wisdom right?  I talk can talk the talk, but can I walk the walk.  We shall see. 

Any ideas on what to call the new blog?  "Journey to Green" ?? 

And more important, would YOU be willing to take the journey WITH ME??


Elisabeth said...

Keep me posted - I'm in. =) We have been slowly (like, really slowly) been "green"-ing our family. Started with Hudson's bottles/sippy cups, etc. when he was a baby - no BPA (before everything was BPA), stainless cups, etc. We are switching over to organic (thanks FOOD, INC and KING CORN!), and have started to green our cleaning. I'm actually reading "ORganic Housekeeping" by Ellen Sandbeck right now. I'll keep you posted on what we're doing, if you do the same!

suburban hippie mama said...

i will have to check out that book! sounds right up my ally =)

i think to seriously make changes it is a slow process. it's like a fad may loose weight only eating grapefruit for a week, but the weight will come back on. if you change your lifestyle, eating habbits, and combine it with excercise then you have a better chance of keeping it off. wow. did that even make sense? my point is, i think it's good to go slow...

Martha said...

I'll definitely follow your blog, maybe I'll steal some tips and tricks from you as well.

Darla said...

I'm in!! Sounds like a great idea!

suburban hippie mama said...

sweet! and marta, mr vargas will be happy to know my recipes no longer smell like easter eggs! lol