Saturday, July 10, 2010

sick or a phase?

We're going on day five of Camille's (age 2) non-stop whining and crying.  The poor baby has been attached at my hip for four days straight.  It seems nothing can make her happy. 

I am hopping her amber teething necklace will do the trick.  I'm kind of at a loss.  I have noticed she is burping a bit more.  Could this mean indigestion?  or stomach ache? 

She's still eating.  Well....she's picky....but that's nothing new. 

Her voice is a little raspy too. 

What do you think?  Just a phase?  Or teething?  Or worse?

It is such a hassle to take my crew to the doctor.  Not to mention  what would I say?  "Yes.  My 2 year old is moody and fussy.  Fix her." 

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Martha said...

Hosea was like that this last week too, I chalked it out to missed sleep (since we were on vacation), he has since gone back more or less to the sweet boy he was before...Hoping Camille feels better soon