Friday, August 27, 2010

another "accident"

I was busy washing dishes after dinner this evening and Gavin came down stairs and tattled, "Mom!  Maya and Camille are naked again!"

"I'll be right up."

After I finished rinsing plates I headed upstairs where Gavin met me at the top.  "It was an accident, Mama."

Uh-oh.  That's never good to hear. 

"They're stuck in my room,"  he explained.

Gavin had locked his naked two year old sisters in his bedroom! 

Not a huge deal if you have normal bedroom door knobs, but the boys bedroom has a knob like this...

Yeah.  I never noticed until tonight. 

Anyway.  I tried my best to pick the lock but had no luck.  I tried talking the girls into unlocking the door but they just got frustrated with me for not letting them out.  I called the hubby at work....he was no where near being off work and wasn't much help.  He mostly just laughed and told me to knock the door down as a last resort. 

By this point a good twenty minutes had gone by.  I decided to call my sister, Jacque.  Her boyfriend tried to help over the phone....but it was useless.  Nothing was working. 

Soon I heard the dreaded "uh-oh" on the other side of the door followed by "Mama I poo-poo!"

"DON'T TOUCH IT!!"  I yelled through the door. 

I ended up calling the non-emergency police line.  When Gavin heard this he flipped out. 

"Mom!  PUH-LEEEEEASE don't call the police!!  I don't want to go to jail!"

Gavin then burst into tears.  It was hilarious.  (call me cruel, whatever, YOU try not to laugh at that situation!)

A HUGE thank you to Tulsa Fire Dept for coming to our rescue!!  Our hero's!

We are officially the talk of the culdesac. 

It only took them 3 minutes to open it up.  This is what we found.

Two babies in the buff (well, they were wearing converse and socks!) They obviously had a good time destroying their brothers room.  One of them pooped and Camille stepped in it and smeared it in the carpet.  Not to mention, there were tinkle tracks throughout the room.  It was great.