Thursday, August 26, 2010

gavin's haircut

For weeks Gavin has begged for me to cut his hair for school.  I ignored him hoping he would wise up....but he didn't.  Instead he brought me pictures of Asian teenagers with short straight black hair and said he wanted hair like them.  He was just fed up with all the attention his long gorgeous hair received. 
But seriously, how could strangers NOT comment....just look at him!

I finally gave in to his persistence.  This obviously wasn't a phase.  It was a sad day for this mama.

very.  sad. 

He thinks he looks tougher with short hair.

Come on Gavin.  Can you just act "normal" for one picture?  This is his break dancing move which he specifically asked me to capture on film. 


There we go....Obi got a smile out of him....

He looks so grown up now! *sniff, sniff*


Martha said...

love his new haircut! he does look tougher, and older :(

Darla said...

I loved the long hair!...but, I do have to admit he looks pretty handsome with it short also!