Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Funny Kids

It's hard being a stay at home momma.  Some days are awful.  The kids are moody and I am preoccupied.  But other days....most days lately....are pretty fantastic.  I feel like I am finally getting this whole momma thing down.  My kids leave me in stitches everyday.  Here are a few of my favorite moments today...

We were at the Dollar Tree and, as you can imagine, we attract a lot of attention.  Every one we passed commented about the twins or their red hair.  Gavin had just about enough of the attention.  He was angry at me because I wouldn't let him get any cheap toys.  "I like cheap toys."  He kept arguing.

A little old lady past and told him what a handsome young man he was and that he had gorgeous hair.

He forced out "thank you" then turned to me and asked, "Can I dye my hair black?" 

Camille and I were spending some alone time cuddling on the couch this afternoon.  She was being so sweet, I tried to soak up every once of love.  "You're my little sweet pea" I told her.  She looked and me confused and busted out laughing.  "No, Momma silly!" 

"What's so funny?  You are my sweet pea!"

"Momma, you're my sweet poo-poo!"  she said. 

Go figure.