Sunday, August 29, 2010

Deep Thoughts with Zander

Zander is definitely his father's son.  This is his conversation with Gavin today at lunch.

Gavin:  "Mom, your flowers are dying." 

Zander:  "Everything dies Gavin.  That's life."

Gavin:  "I know..."

Zander:  "I mean everything dies....plants, people, animals, even this house will one day die."

Gavin: "Yeah, I KNOW!"

Zander:  "Flowers have a short life Gavin."

Gavin:  "I know."

Zander:  "Do you know what even has a shorter life than a flower?"

Gavin:  "Ummm....what?"

Zander:  "Voice.  "
"See?  That sound already died.  It's over."
"See?  That sound I made already died too. That's life Gavin."

Pretty deep for a 1st grader. 

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