Tuesday, August 31, 2010

window shopping

So the boys are both in school....ahhhh....

Yeah, yeah.  I know they grow up fast, BUT this mama is HAPPY 2 of my 4 children are in school!  I am a much better mom when I have structure and a schedule.  Without it my house is pure chaos! 

The other day after we dropped the boys off at school the twins and I headed to the mall...it was still closed...but honestly, that's the way I prefer it with two two year olds!  We just strolled amongst the mall walkers and did a little window shopping.  They were thrilled to be out of the stroller.

And I was thrilled to be in the air conditioner.

We pretended to ride rides.....but only pretended....75 cents?  Outrageous!

Camille & Maya

I am so very blessed and love spending quality time with these peanuts.

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