Monday, January 12, 2009

People come from giraffes

Everyone that has met Zander knows that he isn't your average 4 year old boy. He has very deep and complex thoughts. He's very analytical and can even be manipulating. His latest obsession is the calender. He wants to know every holiday, every one's birthday, full moons, ash Wednesday...the entire calender. At first it was cute but now we're bordering on obsessive.

He is also very curious about death and God and where you are before you are born. Is this normal? Ely and I are very careful to answer any questions he may have...not wanting to force our opinions or theories on him...but give him information and let him come to his own conclusion. The other night at dinner (we were having breakfast burritos) he said, "Okay, I know eggs come from chickens and chickens come from eggs...hmmm...but what was first? Where did people come from mom? I mean the first people." WHAT!? He's 4! Like always, I stumble over my thoughts trying to come up with the best answer. (in my defense I wasn't expecting this discussion over breakfast burritos) I said, "Well a lot people have different theories. Some believe that God made man from the earth. Some say that we come from monkeys or tadpoles. Mommy really doesn't know for sure. I only have ideas."

He thought about this for a minute then said, "So everyone can think different things? Fine. I think people come from giraffes."

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