Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teething x2

The girls are fun. Funny how a mother forgets the "bad" stuff with babies. We've got DOUBLE the drool, DOUBLE the crying, & DOUBLE the 'ria (as my sister calls it). Poor babies.

I've been considering putting the twins in separate cribs. They are 7 months now. They've been sleeping together since birth and I think they enjoy it, so I'd hate to separate them. But my concern is them both sleeping through the night. It hasn't happened yet. I nurse them about 7pm and put them to bed. They both wake up around midnight to nurse again, and then each wake at different hours in the early AM (between 3-5). They are usually up for the day around 6 or 7. Frankly, I'm ready for a full night of sleep! It's been about a year!!! (I know they are only 7 months but YOU try sleeping pregnant with twins! LOL) Anyway, back to my issue at hand.

With my singletons (before I had twins I thought it was such a funny word to refer to your child...but they really are a whole new ball game!) when I was ready for them to sleep through the night I let them cry and they would comfort themself and eventually put themselves back to sleep. It was a tough week, but that's all it took, a week. But with twins sleeping in the same crib...hmmm...that worries me. Crying doesn't wake the other twin up, but if they are upset and rolling around or kicking the other twin is bound to wake up. Sigh.

In full circle, the twins are teething. Maybe I should hold off a while longer before I do anything dramatic. Babies really should come with a manual.

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twoandtwinsmom said...

Hi, I have 4 also, 7,5,and 3 year old twins. I can relate sista! When my twins were that age, I struggled with the same question. Then I just figured that they slept together since conception so they could manage for a while longer. Plus we had a space issue. So when they were about 14 mos old, my husband and I designed a twin sized bed with a divider down the middle so they could have their own toddler bed space. For the first year we had that, they would climb over the divider and end up sleeping together in a space smaller than the crib was! So we took out the divider until they started complaining about "she's on MY side!". LOL. Now it is up again and they are perfectly happy.