Monday, January 26, 2009

Straight S's

Zander w/ Maya..such a good big brother!

Zander got his first "report card" today. He is only in the 4 year old program at our local public I'm sure all the kids get all S's...but I'm still a proud mama. Here are his teacher's comments:

"Can you please clone Zander so we can have one every year? I wish you could see what a great job he does in our class. He is always happy, always listens and participates and does his best. We have no concerns at all about his academics, he is really hearing sounds. One of his fave things is when we do graphing for math- he is all over that skill. "

I really hope he stays on this path of doing well in school. (He better!) We'll have 4 at once in college so we're relying on scholarships!


Elisabeth said...

Yay for Zander! That is great so great to hear wonderful things from your kiddo's teacher!

I did, however, have heart palpitations when I read you'll have 4 in college at the same time! Oh my!!

Darla said...

What to go Zander!

Your girls are precious!

The gate is from
We love it so far. Ours is a little hard to get the bottom unhooked because we put it a little too close to the base board. I can still do it one handed though so I'd say it's pretty easy.